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Come visit our beautiful part of the world!  Here are some accommodation options in the Cumberland.   The town of Courtenay is a 15 minute drive from the village of Cumberland and has many motels, hotels, a hostel, and an seasonal RV Park/Campground.


The Riding Fool Hostel.  One of the cleanest most beautiful hostels you’ll find anywhere in the world.  Located within one block of all the Woodstove Festival venues.

Airbnb has some options available in Cumberland and many more in the surrounding area.

Homestay:  We are working to organize some home stay options with members of the community for out of town festival attendees.  If you’re interested in being hosted email with the amount of people and we will try to connect you with a great place to stay.

**Camping is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN in the public spaces of the village of Cumberland and surrounding forest.  This is very important in maintaining a good relationship with the community of the village and allowing us to continue putting on this event in future years.  PLEASE email the event if you do not have a safe place to sleep and we will do our best to assist you in finding accommodation.  **

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