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Please leave your significant others at home. If you do really need them to be with you onsite know that they will not be allowed access to venues. Please clean up after them, give them attention, and feed them regularly! Support animals are allowed as per provincial regulations, but must be registered at the box office in order to enter venues.

The festival removes itself from responsibility for your lost, confiscated, or damaged items. There will be a LOST & FLAILED located at the Harm Reduction tent next to the Waverley and we will do our best to reunite you with your things.


Woodstove Festival deeply values the community that we are privileged to host our event in and we ask that you love, care, and respect the people and the place the way we do.

Cumberland has a vast history which includes Japanese, Chinese, black, white, and preeminently multiple indigineous communities. We ask that you honour both the people and the landmarks that have been care taken for throughout time. Vist K’omoks First Nation or the Cumberland Museum for more information or tours that take place in our community.

Please leave any MOOP (Matter Out of Place) items at home. These include glitter, sequins, synthetic feathers, & other flinder items, micro-garbage, and non-biodegradable products. Don’t litter!

Our festival takes place in a beautiful village next to Comox Lake. This lake is one of several drinking water reserves for our communities. Please be respectful and do not use environmentally harmful products in its vicinity if you choose to spend time there.

Trail Etiquette
-Respect other trail users
-Be kind to one other
-Say Hi, acknowledge, smile or wave
-Enjoy the trails and have the best day
Code of Conduct
-Stay on marked trails and designated trails, and don’t trespass on adjacent property
-Obey all signs and trail closures. Closed means closed
-Respect the land, landowners, wildlife, and habitat, and leave no trace
-Be responsible: these trails are unsupervised and are to be used at your own risk
-Water sources are not drinkable. Please bring your own water
-Don’t litter, pack out what you pack in
-Don’t leave trail trinkets, memorials, or unauthorized signage
-Stay on the trail tread and don’t braid the trails. -Ride, run, or walk-through / over puddles and don’t go around thus braiding the trail
-Avoid trail use during atmospheric rivers and freeze-thaw cycles
Rules and Regulations
-No motorized vehicles
-No camping or overnight stays
-No fires
-No unauthorized trail building/unauthorized trail work
-No swimming in lakes, especially resevoirs
-No dogs in lakes No horses on single track
-Pets must always be under control. Please clean up after your pet


Woodstove Music & Arts Festival is committed to creating an inclusive environment and creative home for patrons, artists, staff, and volunteers. We are continually working to identify and break down barriers so that the event can be enjoyed by all. We offer services on a one on one basis that includes artist supports, ticket access, and venue needs. Please contact for more information.

Operation Headquarters will be located in the Box Office at the Worthy Room Gallery,  2708 Dunsmuir Ave, Cumberland

Admission is open to the public by purchasing a ticket or by volunteering for the event. The event is all ages with exception of provincial liquor service regulations within certain venues and/or times. Proof of ticket is required to enter the venues. Bag searches are at the discretion of the producers and/or security.

There is free festival parking available throughout Cumberland, but we recommend using the large parking areas as indicated on the festival map.  Please respect local parking laws, lock your vehicles and keep valuables out of sight.
There are wheelchair accessible parking spots located along Dunsmuir Ave. close to all venues

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