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Madeleine Roger is a folksinger and storyteller from Winnipeg, Canada. While accompanying herself on acoustic guitar, it is her artistry as a songwriter that can silence a room, uniting her captivating voice with vivid lyricism and maturity beyond her years. A former thespian and a lifelong traveler, she is prone to absorbing stories and questioning the way that things are, creating songs with imaginative melodies and honesty that bares truths about being alive. 

Appearing often in the folk/roots duo Roger Roger with her twin brother Lucas, Madeleine has performed at music festivals and venues across Canada and Europe, sung as a musical guest on CBC Radio's DNTO, and released their debut album Fairweather locally and overseas which reached the No. 1 spot on the Canadian national folk/roots/blues charts, garnering acclaim for its exceptional songwriting.

"Madeleine’s voice stays with you, reminiscent at times of a young Joni Mitchell." - Mojo

EARLY SPIRIT (Vancouver, BC)

A founder of the seminal folk group Spirit of the West, a sideman with major Canadian acts, and a solo artist for over 20 years, Jay Knutson debuts an exciting new group, Early Spirit. This group presents the harmonious vocals, Celtic influences, and rock rhythms that define his musical legacy, and it adds a contemporary twist, attracting a diverse audience.

Violinist Gabriel Dubreuil and bassist Will Ross met under Jay’s direction in the North Shore Celtic Ensemble. Gabriel, Jay, and Will musically challenge each other, producing a genuine creative response on stage. Each member of the group has his own story to tell, and these stories, woven together on stage, fascinate both the performers and the audience. 

SAM LYNCH (Vancouver, BC)

Vancouver alt-folk artist Sam Lynch is a wanderer and a restless mind, who sings her heart onto her sleeve by way of reflective, honest lyrics, and a nuanced, emotionally transparent live performance. She stands armed with a guitar and a voice that carries echoes from decades passed, yet still commands space in the current tapestry, garnering her comparisons to the likes of Feist, Phoebe Bridgers and Margaret Glaspy. The stark honesty in Sam’s writing translates a sense of immediacy to her stories: some very personal and detailed, others more sweeping and symbolic. 

BOUSADA (Victoria, BC)

BOUSADA (Graeme Bousada) stands alone both in his method and his sound. He performs live electronic music with a loop pedal and mic, playing, singing and MCing everything live with MIDI keyboards, samplers and a drum pad during his live performances. Using catchy melodies, soothing soundscapes and driving bass to set the scene for his sultry and infectious voice, BOUSADA delivers an engaging, energetic and incredibly original live performance that perfectly walks the line between a live band and a DJ. Recently, he has teamed up with the multi-instrumentalist and MC Michael ‘Viperteeth’ Huerta to bring a more dynamic sound into live performances.

DSC02556 (1).JPG

CHASE THE BEAR (Vancouver, BC)

Inspired by the greatest music of the past century, Chase the Bear draws inspiration anywhere from the incredible songwriting of The Beatles, the hard-hitting instrumental proficiency of Led Zeppelin, and various elements of funk, soul, and modern rock in between. Lead singer Troy Gilmore dominates the stage with his electrifying presence and smoky, powerhouse vocals while the rest of the band (Connor Brooks, Leo Gilmore, Jordan Phillips, and Braedan Royer) deliver tasty harmonies, raw musicianship, and an incredible amount of energy that rises throughout the show - a collaborative and intimate experience that ends with an explosion of talent, passion, sweat, and occasionally confetti.

ELISE LeBLANC (Cumberland, BC)

Elise LeBlanc is an old soul with fresh eyes. Her music speaks to strength in vulnerability, wonder, and a deep connection to nature. 


Elise’s intimate vocal style and acoustic performance delivers an raw, earthy sound inspired by classic folk rock, vintage country, and soul. Recommended for fans of Brandi Carlisle, Norah Jones, & Gillian Welch.


HENRI FABERGÈ (Cumberland, BC)

Henri Fabergé is a former aristocrat turned performance artist and revolutionary hero, who recently fled Europe because they couldn't handle his realness. He has shared the stage with big impressive names like The Arcade Fire and Born Ruffians, and convinced Feist to be in a short film he hasn't finished yet. His band ...And The Adorables were known for their raucous live shows, performing on MTV Live, CBC Fuse, CBC Radio 3 Sessions, touring far and wide, and releasing their own album which was rereleased by Rallye Japan. Once they missed their gig at the Waverley and performed at the Riding Fool instead. Now he performs solo, but not because no one will play with him, he just doesn't feel like having a band right now. He has a song about Cumberland that he'll probably sing eventually. 


Boomshack is an 7 piece dance machine hailing from Nanaimo, British Columbia. Plug us in, hit play, and be prepared to dance your socks off. Seeking to combine what is pop with what is hip, the goal is always to get people moving.  Influences of jazz, reggae, funk, and latin grooves provide a medium in which the audience can lose themselves in rich harmony, while discovering something unique and different with each song.  Boomshack is comprised entirely of university trained jazz musicians, and together hearken back to the tight arrangements of Tower of Power and the looseness of . Whether you crave powerful horns, mind melting guitar solos, or epic drum battles, a live show with Boomshack has you covered.      


Catching Dana Jennejohn play outside of the Yukon is a lucky strike!  You’ll hear mountain to valley, northern Canadiana singer-songwriter with a hint of the traditional south. 


Dana has a sound described as tumbleweed pop and city folk. Her sound and songs are inspired by northern living and landscape. Her music ranges from bluegrass and on into folk and roots.   Dana performs most frequently with the band, The Bennett Sun which is a harmony rich string band consisting of members who have played together since 2010.


Dana Jennejohn and The Bennett Sun released their first EP in 2015 followed by a full length album in 2018.  Since the release of their EP they have gone on to be a regional finalists in CBC’s Searchlight Contest 2015 and were accepted as one of the Show Case bands at BreakOut West 2015 in Victoria. 


The Pernell Reichert Band is a roots/rock group from Vancouver, BC, Canada that has been well received at folk festivals, pubs and coffee houses throughout Western Canada for 13+ years. The band features singer-songwriter Pernell on guitars, harmonica, banjo, and vocals; Ross Christopher Fairbairn on bass and background vocals; and Tom Tischer on drums and background vocals. Their music has been described as razor sharp folk, alt country, or cow punk. The band's witty banter with audiences accompanied by their fast folksy songs, and foot stomping banjo tunes interspersed with a few melodic solo acoustic ballads provides for a fun evening of musical entertainment.

balkan .jpg


East Vancouver's sweet dance party orchestra; think global music with a local attitude. Funky brass dance beats are rooted in the traditions of the Roma and Klezmorim of Eastern Europe and blended with a mixture of pop and jazz. The group contains six to ten musicians playing reed, brass and percussion instruments of both eastern and western origin. Balkan Shmalkan is exceptionally versatile and mobile, playing on and off stage with nothing more than the power of their lungs and a few horns.


The music of Guelph folk duo Tragedy Ann inspires chills, provokes smiles, and reminds you to breathe. With the occasional nod to alt. blues and handshake with contemporary folk-rock, Liv Cazzola and Braden Phelan intertwine the storytelling power of Tom Waits with the musical nuance of Mandolin Orange, crafting something simultaneously familiar and fresh. 

Tragedy Ann captured these sounds on their debut EP, Stumbling, released in 2016. The pair has since charmed audiences across Canada, “...delivering finely crafted and carefully arranged songs with the honesty and enthusiasm of people who can’t help but create and perform.” (Jon Farmer, Georgian Bay Roots).


The music of Nightgirl is moody, exciting, relatable, and classic. Jazzy reggae

hip hop vibes often featuring horns and surprise guests.

Adventures of Nightgirl has performed on a regular basis Victoria B.C, as a solo act, duo, trio,

up to a full 8 piece band for several years.

Cassidy Promo 4.jpeg


Cassidy is known for her intimate songwriting and powerful vocals . From vulnerable tearjerkers, to angsty rock tunes, her authenticity is palpable.  Her highly personal songs don’t dance around the ugly and complicated emotions that come with being human. The haunting strums of her autoharp paired with the harmonies of her bandmates will hit you in the heart, and their overall sincerity and willingness to let it all out on stage will leave a lasting impression and stir up your feelings.


Ripple Illusion is a wave of rock and roll that kicks up remnants of funk, blues and surf. Its modern vintage sound explores the eras of 60's psychedelia and 90's alternative Culture. Their invigorating performances have helped them gain quick inroads into the Western Canadian music scene. Their overwhelmingly positive reception has resulted in multiple festival appearances. The band plans to release and tour their EP "Creature" across Canada in the fall of 2017.





BELLE MINERS (Canada/Australia)

Life-long friends, Canadian musicians Felicia Harding and Marina Avros and Australian-based Jaime Jackett, combine exquisite harmonies and relatable stories into an upbeat sonic journey covering themes from love and loss to overcoming life-threatening illness.


Their album Powerful Owl has been described as having “a living, breathing quality to it like the best of Missy Higgins' work” - Jubilant (LA).  'Strange World' and 'Night Flight' are inspired by Jaime's 11-year’s spent living with brain cancer. Lead single ‘Fall In Love With Me’ is dedicated to same-sex marriage, and ’25 Years’ is an ode to enduring relationships.


Caden Knudson and Aaron Connaughton are the accountant & trucker acoustic folk duo playing intricate fingerstyle guitar accompanied by driving double bass, tied together with smooth harmonies. Original rootsy bluesy songs about life and loneliness in the Fraser Valley, as well as dancing spiders. Prepare for an interesting new perspective on traditional styles of music.


Sarah Osborne is like honey in your ears with a smoky voice accompanied by elegant guitar fingers. Her craft of timeless poetry and emotionally ripe music are inspired by the old growth forests and thick salty air of the wild west coast. Her dramatic and haunting aura will take you on an entrancing journey through a sultry and powerful blend of folk, blues, and jazz. A fresh Victoria local, Sarah’s art is influenced by struggles of internal and external relationships, finding light within the darkness, and simply, the weather.  

parlour panther.jpg

TEXTURE & LIGHT (Powell River, BC)

Texture & Light was formed by DJ Trevor Refix as a way to explore live instrumentation, synthesis, field recordings, and deep themes, while striking a balance between the dance floor and headphone day dreaming. 

Trevor allows his music to lead him where it may, not putting much thought into staying inside a certain genre or following a certain formula. Trevor's current productions and live shows are built around the idea of bringing listeners on a fuzzy, deep, slow motion journey that takes place on a dance floor beneath the stars, while leading you deep within yourself.

CARLY DOW (Winnipeg, MB)

Carly Dow's wildcrafted soul-folk blends dark and poignant writing with an "incomparable voice that is raw, alluring and unique" (Vies Mag). Weaving image-rich lyrics with strong songwriting on clawhammer banjo or guitar, Dow creates music that is magnetic and multi-layered, evoking comparisons to the likes of Gillian Welch, Amelia Curran and Abigail Washburn.

Carly has performed extensively throughout Canada, as well as in Europe and the UK. This past summer performances included both The Hillside Festival in Ontario as well as a main stage spot at the Winnipeg Folk Festival. ​She will be touring in BC in November with her new album.

JEFF ANDREW (Vancouver, BC)

Songwriter and fiddler/guitarist Jeff Andrew spent years hitch-hiking across North America, working in bush camps, busking and learning to write songs, exploring the musical world in his mind. A world where gritty, character-driven travelogues and twisted love songs live alongside nightmarish visions of monsters and a post-apocalyptic future. Set to an aggressive, electrified patchwork of punk, folk and Celtic, with echoes of baroque violin and old-time Appalachian mountain music.


Since 2009, the Vancouver-based artist has released 3 self-produced albums to airplay and critical acclaim across Canada and western Europe. He’s been a featured performer at over a dozen festivals in western Canada and has toured the country multiple times, playing hundreds of shows as far afield as St. John’s, NFLD and Dawson City, YT.


Parlour Panther makes gorgeous gritty rock with beautiful soundscapes, three-way soulful vocals, dark and dirty guitar riffs, and infectious pounding rhythms.
Lyrics of passion and fury, Parlour Panther shows you Queer love, female empowerment, and artist reflections of classism, truth and triumph.
Steph on guitar/vocals, Lee on synth/vocals and Charles on drums/vocals - the trio writes songs collaboratively and they have just released a full-length album "Hot Magic".


Mike Murdoch is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based out of Comox Valley, Vancouver Island.  Drawing inspiration from wild places and matters of the heart, his songs resonate with soul and honesty.  The strength of his belting vocals are well-paired with guitar stylings deeply influenced by 60s - 70s folk, rock and blues.  Mike anticipates releasing his debut album in Winter 2018. 

saltwater hank.jpg

SALTWATER HANK (Prince George, BC)

Historically speaking, many have come and gone before us without broad notice, despite having made significant impacts during their lives. These are the stories that Saltwater Hank sinks his teeth into, spinning them into timeless folk songs with a penchant for a jig. Born in Prince Rupert, BC and a member of the Gitga’at community, Tsimshian folk artist Saltwater Hank resurrects stories of the land, loss and absurd circumstance and shines them through a sepia lens, witnessing ageless characters with hearts and lives on the line. 


Kristi Hawkes in an artist based all around coastal BC and is no stranger to metaphors. Melancholy fueled folk written in and about the deepest darkest woods, haunting vocals and simple guitar and banjo melodies to daydream the night away. 

hiding be hind instruments.jpg


Queue The Music is a group consisting of three members, Quin Etheridge-Pedden, Tai McGillivray, and Micaela Pereira. These young musicians each play multiple instruments and write their own arrangements. The style of music is traditional, bluegrass, and beyond. They get inspirations from Oliver Schroer, Casey Driessen, and John Reischman. Micaela Pereira is from Nanaimo, Quin Etheridge-Pedden is from Lantzville, and Tai McGillivray is from Denman Island. One of their members Quin Etheridge-Pedden who is 16 years old already has an album that was nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award in 2017. Tai McGillivray also has an album out and is in the process of a second one at only the age of 15. Micaela Pereira the oldest member of the group, at age 19, is attending her second year at VIU and she's in the jazz program.  

old soul rebel.jpg

OLD SOUL REBEL (Vancouver, BC)

Bold. Upbeat. Immense and Soulful is the cutting edge sound which is Old Soul Rebel. A powerhouse duo, coloured by brass and driven by drums, puts a brand new shine on soul and rock n roll.
Formed in late 2015 by a like minded need to sing stories of their past, core members, Chelsea D.E. Johnson and Lola Whyte started to swap songs. 
A repertoire inspired by their hardships of both Native and African American upbringings,
Old Soul Rebel vividly recites the honest experiences of human life. 

carolyn mark.jpg


"There's two kinds of women you let in your life/ Exciting new mistress and boring old wife," sings country throwback Carolyn Mark on her new album, Nothing Is Free. The line is indicative of Mark's straightforward style - she doesn't take shit and she's not afraid to let you know it. And, safe to say, Mark is not boring. She's good friends with fellow twangy siren Neko Case (the outspoken duo released an album together in 2000) and the Canadian songwriter has made a name for herself with five brassy albums over the last seven years.

Mark's music is so authentic in its back porch vibe, it seems to come with its own direct link to Loretta Lynn's '60s heyday - like her heroes, Mark is not afraid to rail against a man too drunk to understand his own fuck-ups. Not to say Mark is some kind of saint: Her gigs are known for their off-balance candor and ribald humor as much as the homespun tunes. Go for the music, stay for the dirty jokes." -Metromix New York



Compassion Gorilla has a relentless drive to translate earthy and folkloric sounds into an explosive performance fit for the modern dancefloor.  Their unique brew has been the life of wild dance parties for almost a decade, and while its music defies categorization the band keeps audiences feeling comfortably at home.  



   Bailynn Mountain is a local artist who began playing mostly piano, along with violin and the clarinet at a young age.  Growing up in a very large, musical family, she was able to pick up any instrument laying around and fiddle away at it. 


       "I started playing my guitar and singing to my dogs a few years ago. After being encouraged to play a song for a handful of strangers/ new friends/ professional musicians, around a big campfire, I was very encouraged to continue playing music. Only having covers to play, I finally wrote my first song "Digression" and then "Sitting Still" in the fall of 2016.  Now with more songs finished and ready to share, I'm happy to bear my soul's diary with all who are willing to hear.   My music varies from folk, singer song writer, I have been told soul, and it is definitely very nature inspired."


BIG FANCY (Burns Lake, BC)

Invoking the masters of old time, country, blues, and ragtime, Big Fancy roams the land, a true troubadour moonshiner with a sharp wit and love-lorn voice who’ll break your heart like an echo from a hidden treasure of a record collection.

fat tugger.jpg

FAT TUGGER (Cumberland, BC)

Jim Willard-Stepan says FAT TUGGER make sexy music, and he plays the drums. Jan Neuspiel says FAT TUGGER makes him dance, and he plays the bass. Corwin Fox refuses to say anything about FAT TUGGER, although he writes the songs and sings them. This should be good.



Imaginatively described as fallen gospel gutter folk, Nasti Weather is the creation of East Vancouver's Anastasia Schlechtleitner. With her haunting, powerful voice the young songstress crafts bluesy folk tales that cast a light on the darkness inside each of us, carrying raw catharsis and a white flag you can wave to yourself.  She's deftly capable of drawing audiences close with a gentle croon, but don't be shocked if you're blown back by an underbelly howl. 


RISA ROSE (Courtenay, BC)

Risa rose is a free spirited musician and multimedia artist from the Comox Valley. Lover of soul music, truthful raw sound and real life struggles and experiences that face the disenfranchised feminist . While attempting to blur the lines of social normality she is all about creative free thought, real emotions and speaking and playing from the heart. Looping sounds and hearts alike. Her journey has shaped her musical stylings and her songs narrate social issues like ; mental illness, suicide, and sticking to your ethical beliefs and harsh truths- Balanced with a groovy playful nature. With a wide range of genres such as jazz, folk, swing, r and b, blues, hip hop your never sure what kind of show your going to get. Her Guitar, piano beatboxing, Cazoo, freestyle rap and vocal looping are all examples of Risa’s soul- wild and unpredictable.

barefoot caravan.jpg


Barefoot Caravan is a group based in BC’s Okanagan Valley who perform indigenous music in various languages. They represent the people of the world with unique, upbeat arrangements along with original compositions.  They combine root rhythms; Soca, Afro-Cuban, Gypsy and Reggae with melodic harmonies. 

Continually touring with their debut EP Echoes, released in May 2015, the Caravan travels across western Canada offering diverse and highly interactive performances.


REAL PONCHOS (Vancouver, BC)

Like a fish swimming in moonlight, like a tree bent in the breeze, Real Ponchos’ music is subtle, yet revelatory. Deep grooves buoyed by rugged vocals and burning guitar. Songs inspired by human suffering with a folk sentiment at the core, that open the heart wide with luscious and spacious improvisation, while keeping feet on the floor with tight, soulful rhythm. Working in the lineage established by those before them who have taken folk traditions into the modern age, Real Ponchos embrace non-duality to create sincere and distinctive music.



    The Undercurrents are a pop/rock band from Quadra Island BC. Created by singer/songwriter, Sydney Williams, and drummer, Alex Nacci. The Undercurrents are often joined by other feature artists such as singer, Chelsea, D. E. Johnson, keyboardist/singer Adam Farnsworth from the Vancouver band High Society; and Violinist Jeff Andrew.  As well, Ryan Goldimond, put in a guest appearance on their debut EP, Hole in The Wall.

    Sydney’s love for music started when she was three years old, when she received her first piano from the Make A Wish Foundation, after going blind from Leukemia. In elementary school, Sydney sang in the school quire, and started formal vocal training when she was 11. She then studied  piano theary, as well as guitar. Since then she has gone on to write, and perform her own songs about life, and love for many years.

    Sydney, and Alex are childhood friends, and their friendship has helped to form a solid core for the band. They work hard to create something unique out of each, and every song. Alex brings his punk, and heavy metal influences in to the mix, guest musicians bring their own influences, while Sydney’s  vocals, and folk-rock style enhances the band’s fusion; creating their own unique sound.

Danny Bell Promo Chair.PNG


Danny Bell is an accordion-based singer-songwriter and percussionist living in Prince George, BC on Lhedli T'enneh territory.  Danny's songs are pure & simple, sweeping superfluity off of the table so we can stay near the ground.  His Disappointments change, but are always people with instruments.  Danny Bell and His Disappointments just released their debut album, "Good Timin' Man" on Good Egg Records in September of 2018.       

BTO 2012.JPG

PK TESSMANN (Comox Valley, BC)

Two-time winner of Best Roots/Folk Recording at the VIMAS, PK Tessmann's work has been described as “beguiling,” “potent, ” and “unpretentious”, with a voice not dissimilar to contemporary Ingrid Michaelson.  PK Tessmannis a fixture in the Vancouver Island folk community.



April Dawn Brass is Swampy Cree from Opaskwayak Cree Nation, she

has been makin’ stuff and doin’ stuff in the Comox Valley, BC for over

12 years and now calls Cumberland, BC home. April is an inter-

disciplinary artist, arts administrator, and curator (just a few relevant

items in her skillset). She has been honing her various skills in the

arts for over 35 years and believes leading with the intentions of the


April loves to play guitar and sing, it is healing.



It came to them in a dream. Nay! 

A vision! Nay! 

A dark prophecy, even! Would you believe that? 

Black Sabbath. One of the greatest & most influential bands of all time. Surf Rock. A shortly popular yet longly influential genre of music (according to wikipedia.) Woah! What's that you say? A bastardization of them both? An unholy union of dark, surfy sounds from the depths? Well hey, why the hell not?

Chad banjo royston.jpg

CHAD PAB (Courtenay, BC)

Originally from Flin Flon MB, Chad expresses himself through his quick, but thoughtful guitar and banjo playing.

Screen Shot 2016-12-26 at 11.38.48

LESLIE WYNNE (Cumberland, BC)

Leslie's tunes are simple, honest and usually written from personal experience. She is inspired by folk music and storytelling. She is a visual artist in the medium of painting and has similar goals in both music and painting; To capture a feeling. 

britt AM.jpg

BRITT A.M. (Prince George, BC)

Britt A.M. is a Canadian singer-songwriter hailing from Northern British Columbia. A one-woman band to be reckoned with, Britt delivers a gripping set, twisting and manipulating the signal of her guitar with loop and effect pedals, to create rhythmic, riff-based songs with barbed hooks and experiential messages.

the wits.jpg

THE WITS (Comox Valley, BC)

The Wits combine the musical stylings of alt-country, folk, jazz, and blues. Taze Kozak, Jonathan Hinds, and Chad Pabianek are The Wits.


NAOMI KAVKA (Prince George, BC)

Naomi Kavka is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and performer from Prince George, British Columbia. She performs as a solo artist, fronting her own band, and also as a member of Kym Gouchie's backing band, Northern Sky.

"Kavka’s sound brings you into the depths of British Columbia, digging into what it means to live here. Whether that’s contemplating the land, family, big trucks, love, northern weather, or movement, Kavka uses her hearty voice to echo her words deep into your soul. Kavka shows us, with her first full length solo album, that she is not afraid to delve into deeply personal topics, and that is what makes this album so relatable. As a mainstay of the Prince George music scene, Kavka has shown her maturity and growth as an artist, creating a well rounded debut album. Kavka will have you singing along before you even know the words."  Sam Wall - Editor in Chief Over the Edge Newspaper




ISLAND TOWN CHOIR (Hornby Island & Comox Valley, BC)

Island-Town Choir is the combination of two choirs, one from Hornby Island (Island Choir) and one from Courtenay (Town Choir.) Both choirs are community choirs in the truest sense: anyone is welcome to join, which brings a spectrum of voices and experiences.

Lead by performer/teacher Melisa Devost, these dedicated groups of singers come together weekly throughout the fall and winter to sing about joy, death, the universe and everything in between, tackling unique arrangements of contemporary and traditional songs.





Mary Matheson is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Vancouver. She performs haunting gypsy folk songs on guitar accompanied by Blake Mackay on keys and Conrad Shynkar on cello. Mary has caught the ears of a community of music lovers with her detailed finger picking style and raw liquid vocals. 





Shelder the Electric Clamfish is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and storyteller from Mayne Island, British Columbia. She performs her eclectic-art-folk compositions on accordion and ukulele, drawing inspiration from her travels as a nomadic musician and from historical Canadian legends and folk tales. She has been compared to the likes of Pete Seeger and Gordon Lightfoot, but with a twist. In the past year and a half, Shelder has completed 3 tours across the country and back in her Toyota Echo, playing house concerts, music festivals, parties, bars, cafes and old punk lofts along the way. She is currently residing in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where she is studying piano tuning and has recently finished recording her first full-length album, Notes of a Vagabond.





Country Squall are Peter Mynett (bass), Mick Baker (mandolin/violin), Cluny Macpherson (banjo) and Adam Cleland (guitar). They play a mix of original music and favourites from the bluegrass, country and old time repertoires. They enjoy marshmallows and long walks on the beach. Each member has been or is currently involved in various projects spanning several genres including Sarah Jane Scouten, Dylan Stone Band, (as the) Crow Flies and Dean Martin. They're really into nineties r&b, especially Cluny. They’ve been performing around BC this summer and are working on material for their first recording project in the fall of 2018.



Mr Vibe Laughing Frog.jpg

MR. VIBACIOUS (Forest Grove, BC)

Mr Vibacious is the bus driver, he's the cook in the kitchen, he's the slightly deranged chemist mixing up some new designer drug. He's driving the party bus, he's cookin' some turn-ups n' beats just for you, and the drug he's making is gonna make you feel great with measurable side affects. Armed with various synths, drum machines and a looper he's on a mission, to make the dead dance and put the p back in party. Sometimes its big beat, sometimes its acid house, sometimes its electronica.

Eclectic visual electronic dance party music made for you. Fresh every time!

      “ I love your sounds man, it's blowing my mind“ ..... A Random Stranger.




COZY (Cumberland, BC)

Cozy is a beat-driven lyricist with a broad range of influences, taking inspiration from many genres (including, but not limited to, funk, r+b, folk, pop, and jazz). With her music, cozy hopes to bring people into her world of experiences and give them as clear a picture of her perspective as she can.

Cozy weaves strong lyrical themes of femininity, sexuality, and reclamation of personal identity within a vulnerable context of self examination, with undeniable groove and hilarious wordplay.

Along with writing and producing her own music, c o z y also produces music for other artists. She graduated from Nimbus School of the Recording Arts and Media with a diploma in Advanced Music Production.



Aksak Cultivate B.jpg

GROUP AKSAK (Comox Valley, BC)

Aksak (Turkish for “limping”) is a rhythmic pattern of odd time meters, such as 2 + 2 + 2 + 3, used in the traditional music of the Middle East - particularly Turkey, Iran and the Balkans.

Employing these rhythms with improvisation and electronics plus influences of traditional and contemporary music from Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa- Group Aksak creates a unique, modern trance sound. 




MELISA DEVOST (Hornby Island, BC)

“…no one will ever say that 'Melisa Devost is one hell of a female singer/songwriter. They'll just call her one hell of a singer/songwriter. Period. And so will I."
- R.C. Joseph, 24 Hours Magazine, Vancouver



BEASTIE (Vancouver, BC)

Born and raised in Vancouver BC, Beastie recorded her first demo at 15 and has been a professional singer/songwriter off and on for over 15 years, with a wide variety of styles of gigs in Canada, Central America, the US and Europe. Often joined by a rotating cast of some of East Vancouver’s favourite musicians, her performance style is intimate and sincere – An eccentrically costumed blend of old country, blues, soul, folk and heartbreak with a sense of humor. She is currently working on a new album with a full band set to be released in the coming year. 




  Kimberley MacGregor is a powerful performer and roots musician who writes music for humans. She unapologetically exposes universal emotions that people tend to conceal. 


  A reformed bank manager, Kimberley realized she was doing a successful job of living someone else’s life—and a poor job living her own. In 2013, she launched her original songs into the world and took centre stage. She has since released two full-length albums and was awarded Female Artist of the Year at both the 2015 and 2016 Edmonton Music Awards. She lovingly crafts and passionately performs songs that will move your heart, change your mind and stomp your feet. Weaving seamlessly between blues, folk and rock, her common threads are strength, vulnerability and badassery, always sizzling with soul. 


meagan may.jpg


Meagan May is a songwriter based in Vernon, British Columbia. Ranging in style from folk rock to alt-country, her songs explore classic and modern themes; from heartbreak, to being addicted to technology. While often quiet and reserved off-stage, when armed with her electric tenor guitar, Meagan expresses her frustrations and self-reflections loudly through powerful and clever lyrics.


29748380_10160134909730371_953791413_o (

AMOS MERCIER (Galiano Island, BC)

It's a hot summer afternoon on the edge of the highway. He stands alone in the middle of the desert with his guitar and backpack. Maybe this will be the ride. He sticks out his arm and points his thumb to the sky.


Before hitting the road, Amos had to leave behind the life of a fundamentalist Baptist preacher. He grew up in churches and started preaching at the age of 19. Eventually the rules and rigid belief system could not contain him and he set fire to his old life. 


His folk rock songs and poems are inspired from his past several years experiencing and experimenting with life on Turtle Island. 



TOAD ON A WIRE(Montreal, QC)

Toad on a Wire is a group of foot stomping root music that is influence by all the musicians that they have met on the road. Fun fact the composition of the band is also depending of where on the road we are!! Never the less Grizzly Paws and the Slightly Untuned Bums are well known to bring good fun and nice smiles to wherever they play!  They will be hosting the Ilo Ilo stage at this year's Woodstove Festival.  


RIO SAMAYA (Vancouver, BC)

Based in Vancouver, the Rio Samaya Band is made up of Pancho and Sal, partners in life as well as in music, which is full of wonderfully enchanting latin rhythms and romantic melodies in Spanish including some Italian, English and French songs.

With a style that flows through the folkloric traditions of Central and South America,  Rio Samaya music beats to the natural pulse of our planet, writing and  blending it with elements of folk, rock, country, reggae, latin and  rhumba gypsy  rhythms.  At the festival t
heir daughter Ja Pace will be dancing,playing saw and cajon and long time friend and music ally, Avigdor Shulman will play soprano sax and upright bass, adding a special flavour to the combo.




A Million Dollars in Pennies is the musical entanglement of Stephanie and Mike Shaver. With one foot grounded in traditional folk music and the other striving forward into the information age, the band finds itself somewhere between Alan Lomax's scratchy recordings and the 'HEY'S' & 'HO'S' of all these nu-folksters.




Michael Averill is an adventurous Canadian troubadour who delivers stories and songs of serendipity around the country by foot. Through well walked Roots, Folk, and Blues, Michael captivates his audiences and invites them to connect deeper within themselves and their communities.

“Michael has a pied piper quality to him. He is a community builder, scene creator, and movement organizer. He is a teacher and inspirational leader that has the ability to gather the arts community around him, and take them in directions they might not achieve on their own.” – Chris Brandt, Executive Director of Music Heals


Christine Fletcher pic.jpg


Christine Fletcher is a singer-songwriter currently living on Lekwungen-speaking people’s territory (Victoria). They’ve torn off and reshaped some skin and bone to become more real.  They’re always on the lookout for the right words to declare love to Earth, however wrapped in anger it might be these days.  Lou Reed, Joni Mitchell and Bruce Cockburn spun on their youthful turntable.


Annie on a rock.jpg

ANNIE BECKER (Vancouver, BC)

Bohemian Songstress Annie Becker has been cloaking her audiences in a Gyp-sea of sultry soundscapes across Canada and The United States for the past 10 years. This West Coast Island Girl brings Jazz Guitar and Raw Vocals onto Festival stages, Dance Floors, and Yoga Studios from  Rifflandia and Atmosphere Gathering, to Stretch Yoga and Beaumont Studios.  Over this winter Annie is starting a new project under the name ‘FemPath.’ These Electronic, RnB and Hip Hop inspired looping soundscapes come from Annie’s exploration into layering vocals and sounds and from her love for the Electronica she’s experienced at Festivals. Keep an eye out for FemPath’s new single, ‘Learn2Breath,’ on spotify spring 2019.



FANFARE (Royston, BC)

My name is Cameron Boyce and this is my art.

My violin and voice are my tools of expression.

I have been playing music since I can remember. Playing the violin has always been a part of my life. Over the years, I have studied various styles from classical to jazz to folk to klezmer to romanian fiddle. All are branches off of the same tree. I have also had the opportunity to work along side many talented singer-songwriters in the pursuit of developing this craft. I have been playing on stages for close to 10 years, touring across Canada, USA and Europe. I also have a deep love for busking for it brings music and culture to the streets. Where it belongs.


emily cars.jpg

EMILY CARS (Cumberland, BC)

Emily Cars is the latest musical project of Bobby Herron, Meaghan Cursons and friends. They craft songs inside their laboratory somewhere in Cumberland, BC




Richard Garvey is guitar-strumming, banjo-plucking, and sing-along-starting performer and community organizer from Kitchener. His award winning songs explore the highs and lows of love, injustice, and the marbled mess of the human condition. Whether he’s playing to a living room or an amphitheatre, Richard brings clever songs and a sly sense of humour to inspire solidarity, hope, and change.  If you’re looking for the latest incarnation of world-changing, foot-stomping, and heart-filling folk music, see Richard Garvey.



GANNON WARD (Comox Valley, BC)

Gannon was born in Kamloops and spent his childhood in the Southern Chillcotin mountains learning folk, blues, rock and underground.  Over the years Gannon has played and preformed with some of the Yalokom and Bridge river valleys finest musicians. He has recently been on a hiatus from music and this will be his return to the stage.



JENNY LESTER (Denman Island, BC)

Jenny Lester is a dynamic Canadian Bluegrass performer and recording artist who has established herself as an important singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Her original songs are carefully crafted in the bluegrass convention while at the same time displaying a contemporary freshness and vitality that breathes new life into the fabled "high lonesome" sound.




Booty and the Hofish have been writing songs for a foggy ten years or more, slappin' down their original style of blue-hop-hip-grass; with a finger to the man; bridging irony, reality and make you spit your drink out humor.  After a short circumstantial hiatus the Hofish are back, with an additional member and special guest. Booty are destined to throw down a set for everyone, turning heads with either admiration or confusion, but always with good intention and some sweet melodic jams.  .


ZAN (Cumberland, BC)

Zan originally hails from the East Coast of Turtle Island, and now resides in the unceded traditional territory of the K’omoks First Nation.

She has always felt that creating and sharing music is a spiritual and social responsibility to herself, and in sharing her gift, she might make you laugh, cry, or both.


L1014172.2 copy.jpg


It's like somebody threw Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley and a badger into a blender and hit puree. Alt Country with an edge, rockin' and rollin' tunes with a handful of grit. 

"One of the most influential songwriters of our time" **Wildly Exaggerated Weekly

"Best show I've been to this year!!" **Random Drunk Person

LIAN (Cumberland, BC)

Julian Bryan is a DJ and modern day tomte residing in Cumberland, BC. He plays an eclectic mix of both bangers and subtle danceable beats, with the end goal of leaving an audience provoked and uplifted.  He also plays acoustic guitar and percussion.

RONNY B (Nanaimo/Cumberland, BC)

Plays gritty soulful blue’s with influences of Jazz and soul.  Raised on the gulf islands. VI bred baby.

2018-09-20 22.07.42.jpg

DIODE (Comox Valley, BC)

In the early 70s, after the hippie wave broke and rolled back, guitar-wielding teenagers turned their amps to 11 and cranked out some of the thickest riffs that the world had ever heard. Unfortunately, after a few short years most of these bands broke up and faded into obscurity. Diode is a quartet from Cumberland playing
a mixture of original songs and lesser known tracks from this mostly forgotten era. Bring earplugs, it will be loud.

JESSE GANGE (Vancouver, BC)

Songs and stories of heartbreak and redemption, of lives lived and loves lost in the margins. 


Enough to make your old man cry.  


Country music, fiddle and guitar.


DREAMFISH (Cumberland, BC)

Fishing for the truth, in the gambling sea
Caught a dreamfish on my line, and it set me free
Sprinkled it with stars, and the tears from my eyes
Seasoned with love, of the deepest kind
Layed it to rest, in the cedar smoke
Next to restless seas, where big waves broke
With a meat made of medicine, it showed me the way
Through the campfire light, past sitkas that swayed
I blessed mother earth, with my guitar strings
Was dream so real, it unravelled everything

DJANGO'S JEWELS (Royston/Vancouver/Penticton)

On a mission to capture the sound of Django Reinhardt's Gypsy jazz of the 30’s and 40’s, DJANGO'S Jewels ARE THE NEXT GENERATION OF GYPSY SWING IN WESTERN CANADA.

THE JEWELS swing hard and fast, with energy and lots of feels. This string band plays with traditional Gypsy acoustic guitars, while violin, upright bass and the ODD SWING drummer completes the Jewels' unique vintage sound. The raw swing of Django's Jewels 

packs a serious bite not heard often in the biz today.


OKTIV 6 (Comox Valley, BC)

With a career in rap spanning over 20 years , split into two decided eras, ten with the Stillife Family, and another ten with Butterfinger Bombsquad. High energy and concise lyrics have always been the name of the game. Oktiv6 as a project hopes to be a more personal, and introspective breed of mellow Westcoast rap, melodic and driving, Oktiv6 wants to make you think, just as much as he wants to make you move . 


BOBBY HERRON (Cumberland, BC)

Bobby Herron is a writer, guitarist, drummer, vocalist and community animator.


Occasionally he will brave the wild terrain of solo performing however he's accustomed to performing with bands such as Mongrel Bitch, The B--Sides, Bob's Yer Uncle, Millions Of Brazilians, Bigredtruck, The Emily Cars and Perseverance Creek among others.


Bobby prefers not to adhere to any style or genre in his songwriting but rather loves musical exploration and collaboration. For him, a song must contain certain key elements to make it to performance. Irony, imagery, humour and rhythm are some of those elements. 


Love, respect, good food, humour, music, solid - rational thinking, Game Of Thrones face to face conversation and community service are things Bobby thinks are important to a decent life.



Shane ranger grew up in a musical family, so picking up a guitar came natural to him. While playing in multiple bands in the Okanangan, he finds solitude in writing his own songs. His original material has a smooth jazz and blues style, that is bound to leave you feeling relaxed.

perseverance creek 1.jpg


An energetic band, aiming to bring back some of the fantastic music from the Golden Era of country! We cover songs by Roger Miller, Dolly Parton, George Jones, Patsy Cline... All of those brilliant Golden Era Country stars.



WESTERN FEMALE was created in New York City in 2017. Through channels of honky-tonk, croon, old-time and blues, front-woman Melanie Odelle performs variations on the theme of "western female entertainer". Her geographically focused album, Hot Sauce in Kitsap County, is available at  To sign up for the newsletter Western Female, or for links to Melanie's other work, visit


ONE FOOT CHOP (Vancouver Island, BC)

One foot chop elevates the spirit with high energy music and dance performance. Multi instrumentalist,   Craig Marcuk, keeps the beat with his feet as he tap dances, sings, and fiddles at the same time. One foot chop is like  john Hartford meets Stoping Tom, singing Originals, Oldtime and Folk favorites.

Craig plays mandolin with the Western Family String band and also a Square Dance Caller.



CPTN THNDRPNTZ!!! is a singing, storytelling, intergalactic space pirate. His home planet, Funkathon, is completely inhabited by ceratopsian dinosaurs, (the ones with horns and frills, like Triceratops) where he was the head cook to King Zaxxon. 
After running out of sweet potatoes, the CPTN headed out across the universe in his Space Galleon, to trade stories and songs for more sweet potatoes. 
The CPTN has performed at festivals, schools, special events and libraries, bringing his unique blend of fun, engaging entertainment to the children of this planet.
The CPTN can be found leading parades, writing songs and teaching kooky games and dances at festivals this summer.

Golden Honey.jpg


The Golden Honey Second Line Orchestra is an ever evolving fun oriented marching band based in the Comox Valley.  They will be opening up the 2018 Woodstove Festival!
See you in the streets!​



The Floating Tahsis Jazz Band is an ongoing project based in Tahsis, B.C. The Floating Tahsis Jazz Band is like its namesake -- performers float in and out of settings created and crafted by locals. Its founding member is Wolf~Loup, who released an album in 2017 based out of recordings in the spirit of what has since become The Floating Tahsis Jazz Band. The album, Wolf~Loup & Friends - Anti, represent some of the sounds cut out of improvised sessions. Their approach is organic and physical -- the best moments come from clear communication, when players listen and respond to each other. It's a feeling out process, one that feels unique and special to Tahsis -- we are happy to be sharing our sounds with you!

Tremblers of Sevens_woodstove promo.jpg


guitar: wise
drums: rad

jacob shaf.jpg


Jacob Schaffer creates to understand the human experience, as a music based multimedia performing artist. His singer/songwriting roots expanded growing up in the improvisational vocal community led by Bobby Mcferrin and members of Voicestra. With acknowledgment to where music comes from and where it’s going, Jacob explores music and art from an openness to bend-genres.  He also holds certifications in mindfulness practices. This unique blend of music and mindfulness has additionally led to the cultivation of Sound Bath Meditations.

red haven.jpg
high quadra.jpg

KATE ROMAIN (Victoria, BC)

Kate Romain combines professional, whimsical accordion playing with kazoo-horns, foot-percussion and vocal sound tricks to create an engaging, fun one-person act enjoyed by any age or background. Expect an eclectic mix of European folk-dance tunes, honky-old american folk sing-alongs and originals. Based in Victoria, Kate keeps busy composing music, juggling and printmaking.

RED HAVEN (Vancouver, BC)

 Drawing inspiration from jazz and soul but redesigning it with Indie-Pop songwriting and a heavy backbeat, Red Haven have been touring their raucous, spirited brand of folk for the past 4 years. 

Featuring the work of songwriters Jen Charters, Nathan Turner, and Brendan Steele, Red Haven tells a story that is both entertaining and incisive. 


The High Quadra Ramblers are Mack Shields on fiddle and vocals and Kaitlin Chamberlin on banjo, vocals and stepdancing: a powerhouse duo keeping the magic of traditional music alive. They fuse appalachian oldtime with celtic, classical, folk, cajun and original compositions. Expect anything from high energy hoedowns to beautiful, melodic listening sets. Hailing from the East Coast and the West Coast, these ramblers bring both sides of the continent together for the love of traditional music.

TWIN BANDIT (Vancouver, BC)

Twin Bandit alchemize a whole new kind of musical gold with their gorgeous vocals as they sing about heartbreak, joy, and emotional arsonists’.  Hannah will be joined by her sister Mercy for this performance.  


ANIMALS IN MOTION (Cowichan Valley, BC)

After 10 years of touring across Canada and Europe, Scott Hamilton joins forces with graffiti artist Fanny Badaf in this art-folk duo. Scott brings his songs to life with a a tickle trunk full of musical gadgetry while. Fanny (AUST) paints one painting per song in the shapes and figures of her imagination through her pioneering concept of “grand concert illustré!”



Ashley Sykes is a singer/songwriter who just released her first studio album this Spring. Her full length album, Dissonance, was produced by Cumberland’s very own Corwin Fox and features many talented Comox Valley musicians. Ashley grew up in the southeastern States and moved to Vancouver Island in 2000. She’s been writing and performing her songs for over 20 years and is thankful she can share her stories of love, loss, family, and faith through her music. 

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