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LESLIE WYNNE (Cumberland, BC)


Leslie's paintings focus on colour and representing daily life. She depicts scenes from her personal experience and the way she interacts with the world. Leslie's figure paintings focus on either herself or a peer navigating modern life. Topics that the work brings to question include art vs. craft, femininity and masculinity, and identity. 

Colour exploration is fundamental to Leslie's practice. The medium used is acrylic paint on wood panel. Leslie utilizes a heavily mixed colour palette with accents of pure colour. The work is a loose representation of real life with a focus on figures. The composition of her paintings are recognizable as scenes from life but are depicted with some discrepancies in proportion and perspective, allowing for imperfections.




Julia Leona Bassal is an artist and photographer native to Victoria, BC. Her passion for photography started during her travels with street photography; the excitement and challenge of catching the decisive moment, and finding intriguing ways to view the commonplace. Since being back in Victoria, she has focused on festival and event photography, and enjoys capturing the energy and genuine moments of joy in this dynamic world.

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