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Luke the Kangaroo’s wacky antics will leave you hopping with glee.  His eclectic, positive musical style ranges from classic sing-alongs to songs make up on the spot with the help of the audience.  He is currently studying early childhood education at North Island College. 



CPTN THNDRPNTZ!!! is a singing, storytelling, intergalactic space pirate. His home planet, Funkathon, is completely inhabited by ceratopsian dinosaurs, (the ones with horns and frills, like Triceratops) where he was the head cook to King Zaxxon. 
After running out of sweet potatoes, the CPTN headed out across the universe in his Space Galleon, to trade stories and songs for more sweet potatoes. 
The CPTN has performed at festivals, schools, special events and libraries, bringing his unique blend of fun, engaging entertainment to the children of this planet.
The CPTN can be found leading parades, writing songs and teaching kooky games and dances at festivals this summer.

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Barefoot Caravan’s Freedom Arts program is a creative outlet for children and youth in various schools, communities and festivals throughout BC.  With the support of Barefoot Caravan members and guest artists, participants of all skill levels have the opportunity to learn djembe (hand drum) techniques and rhythms.


They are guided through the songwriting process as they write and perform their own songs at this year’s Woodstove Festival.  They will then perform Singing, Dancing, Percussion/Drumming and Original Songwriting on a festival stage. 


Freedom Arts is a program that also encompasses various aspects of production.

Production Opportunities, including Set up and tear down of the stage, Sound engineering, Stage Managing, Hosting (MC) and Promotion.


Freedom Arts engages participants in the facilitation of all the roles necessary to put on a great show. Each program is unique to the group dynamic, synergy and interests of the participants. As much as this program is facilitated, Freedom Arts is in fact led and directed by the participants as they design their showcase to suit their interests.  

This Workshop is included in a weekend pass but PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED!  Parents of registered participants are not required by stay with children during workshop.  Please email  Age 5-13.  

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Kiki The Eco Elf sings of silliness and ecological awareness, promotes kindness and gratitude and entertains families at festivals, community events, schools, daycares and birthday parties.  

"Mix one endearing and quirky elf, toe-tapping music and catchy lyrics to create a first class sing-a-long. Going green has never been so much fun!"

-Julie White  (Silver Creek Community Librarian)

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